Thornes Marketplace Entryway

Thornes Marketplace Entry Renovation

Thorne’s Marketplace has been a cornerstone of downtown Northampton shopping for more than a century. The original entryway dates back to 1875. The goal of the project was to connect the historic feel of the entryway with the current modern ambiance of the marketplace. Because of the excessive foot traffic during the day, all construction was completed at night.

The project consisted of a full interior renovation to the main pedestrian entryway vestibule. The existing entry storefront doors, plaster ceiling, and flooring systems were entirely removed. The ceiling system was structurally raised by nearly double and reframed with a multi-tiered, coffered, custom white oak millwork and venetian plaster ceiling with LED up and down lighting. New massive ADA compliant double custom wood, half glazed entry doors with antique brass hardware were added to showcase the entry whether one is entering or exiting the marketplace. The floor and walls were finished with new tile, base, and custom crown molding throughout. A custom millwork alarm half wall was added to the interior of the doors which doubled as an ADA egress button that also hid the entire building’s multi-unit alarm system control panel. The completed entry is an upgraded welcome for the numerous shoppers entering Thornes Marketplace every day.

Project Partners
Estes Architecture & Design
Northampton, MA
Thornes Marketplace Entryway Thornes Marketplace Entryway Ceiling Thornes Marketplace Entryway