The 5 C’s of the Keiter Card Promotion

Keiter Card Promotion

A message of gratitude from the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) for five ways that the promotion was a success and made an impact.

The Keiter Card promotion was a roaring success! It started with a $10,000 donation from Keiter Corporation to the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) to sponsor a Northampton Gift Card (NGC) promotion that would kickstart the community and local economy on the journey toward recovery from the pandemic, while encouraging and rewarding other investors – consumers and merchants that participate in the NGC Program. We take this opportunity to express appreciation to Keiter for conceiving a promotional concept that reflects the essence of their company’s character and the spirit of the Greater Northampton community. In doing so, we celebrate the impact of the promotion through five C’s that contributed to its success:

Corporation – Keiter (pronounced “kite-er”) Corporation is a construction company whose stake in the community is rooted in its culture and core values, along with its commitment to “develop, build, manage” projects from start to finish. Through their construction services, Keiter builds communities. Through their affiliation with GNCC and Scott Keiter’s service on the GNCC board of directors, as well as their community service with other organizations, Keiter embodies what it means to be a GNCC “investor” (formerly referred to as “member”). Thus, Keiter Corporation’s strengths and investment in our community run deep. The promotion introduced Keiter Corporation to some and informed others who may have seen Keiter-branded trucks in the neighborhoods (as several consumers mentioned) about this Florence-based corporation. For others, it simply reinforced what they already knew about Keiter’s involvement and generosity in the community. We believe the promotion was successful in building Keiter’s brand awareness and regard as a community investor.

Chamber – One of GNCC’s consistent messages is that “When the economy thrives, our community thrives; and when our community thrives, our economy thrives.” This truth inspires investment! It’s not everyday that the Chamber gets a $10,000 donation that generates additional revenue. When the Keiter Card promotion was announced, an anonymous donor who was so enthusiastic about the program that they wanted to help the cause by donating $2,500 to provide even more Keiter Cards! GNCC also invested $2,500 in remaining funds from last year’s Community Revitalization Fund (CRF) that were earmarked to support gift card programs related to pandemic relief. Through funding from the CRF and in partnership with the Daily Hampshire Gazette, fifty winners of a $50 gift card each were selected in an online promotional contest sponsored by the Gazette. The impact: a $12,500 investment from Keiter and the anonymous donor that drove $12,500 in incremental Northampton gift card sales (during a traditionally slow gift card selling season) for a total of 500 gift cards sold and 50 winners of a $50 Keiter Card!

Card – The Northampton Gift Card is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year. The NGC is GNCC’s economic engine that keeps local dollars local. Based on the investments made and cards sold, the Keiter Card promotion infused $27,500 into the local economy in just eight days, which is the time it took to sell the 500 Keiter Cards. We wanted to do something big to celebrate NGC’s 15th Anniversary, but never did we imagine it would be this big! Thank you Keiter!

Community – “Kickstart Community with a Keiter Card” was the promotion’s call-to-action and open invitation for everyone in the community to act and become part of our community’s recovery. During this pandemic time and every-changing face of the coronavirus, the Keiter Card promotion reflected the resilient and determined spirit by all to support our local businesses who have invested so much in our community over the years.

Consumers – The promotion encouraged consumers to “Double Your Money” with a Keiter Card when you buy a $25 NGC. Where else can you get a 100% return on investment, instantly! (Casinos and lotteries don’t count!) A few of the consumer comments were:

  • “This is so amazing!”
  • “What a nice thing that Keiter is doing!”
  • “Excuse my French, but that’s a helluva deal!”
  • “This couldn’t have come at a better time…tax-free weekend!”

This promotion also generated NGC sales from younger consumers as well as first-time purchasers who understand the benefits of the NGC Program.

The impact of the Keiter Card promotion was felt across these 5 C’s and it demonstrates the power of community. Thanks to Keiter Corporation and to all who supported the promotion to make it a success.