Two-Family Dwelling

We demolished the existing single family home and built a new two-family dwelling. Each unit consists of two bedrooms, a full bath, open kitchen and laundry.

The home is All-Electric Level 1 certified.  It uses high-performance heat pump technology for heating, cooling, and water heating. The home features a super-insulated building envelope that minimizes heat loss, leaks, and drafts to maximize energy efficiency.  This All-electric home is designed to increase comfort and indoor air quality, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and provide a sustained home value over time.
In order to be certified Level 1, this home had to:
-Obtain HERS rating less than 45
-Utilize a Heat pump for space and water heating, all electric cookware
-Have an Infiltration rate ACH50<1.5
-Balanced ERV
-Electric Vehicle Ready
-Solar Ready
Project Partners
Jody Barker, A.I.A. | Architecture + Design, LLC
Florence, MA
Pivot Media